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Composition: 100% organic cotton fair trade, non-dyed, unbleached

  • Jersey, crewneck T-shirt, cuffed short sleeves, raw-cut neckline with a slightly rolled up edge, close fitting
  • Handmade scren printing
  • Vegetal ink made with licorice
  • Exclusive print made by the artist PabloCabro
  • Recycled cotton/linen label
  • Top quality Made in Italy

Fabio is 6 ft and wearing size L

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Who made the clothes we wear? Too often they come from poverty, exploitation of people and the environment, a pure quest for profit, and by buying them we become accomplices in all that! The FIA Wear Responsibly capsule collection was created to make us more aware as consumers. Created by a young Milanese fashion stylist and guided by principles of social responsibility, the capsule collection offers you all the value added of original, creative, truly comfortable apparel. Be touched by the humorous but biting slogans, be captured by the designs of artist PabloCabro, and you will take home a t-shirt that gives you all the pleasure of the softest cotton and all the fragrance of pristine nature, beginning with the aroma of the vegetable-based inks.

Purchase this t-shirt and no longer assist those who threaten the health, safety and lives of their workers: in the emerging countries, wages are too often paltry and working conditions inhuman. Our cotton has a clean conscience: it respects the workers, the environment, and even those who wear it, because it is free of pesticides and other chemical substances. The bio fabric is purchased in India from fair trade producers, while the t-shirt is made by artisans in Italy under the guidance of Altriluoghi. It is hand-printed with vegetable-based ink derived from licorice. Abandon the principles of fast fashion that drive you to voraciously buy low-price clothing that lasts a single season, wisely select responsible fashion with high ethical, aesthetic and qualitative value.

Want to know more? fiawearresponsibly@gmail.com