Espresso Printed T-shirt


Composition: 100% organic cotton. Non-dyed, unbleached cotton, but not the usual yellowish one

  • Jersey crewneck T-shirt. Raw-cut neckline. Short sleeves. Shaped
  • Screen-printing.  The design may vary slightly 
  • Coffee-based vegetal colour
  • Recycled-cotton/linen label made from old, unwearable T-shirts
  • Top quality. Hand Made in Italy
EUR 55.50
Tax incl.

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The Espresso T-shirt evokes our everyday gestures and gives a pleasant roasted note to our nose. And when you iron your Coffee T-shirt the aroma engages all senses. Created with organic cotton, unbleached, to deliver an extraordinary natural, all-Italian experience.

Altriluoghi mixes fashion and food into a “sustainable sauce”. An all-Italian food lifestyle project: the design is so food-inspired that the garments are printed with spice and vegetable-based inks. Homemade inks, as if they were preserves.