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Pre-stained placemats. Wine

Red Wine

Composition: 100% organic cotton. Non-dyed, unbleached cotton

  • Canvas 195 g/m2
  • Action Painting with spatula/small>
  • Red-wine-based vegetal colour
  • Wide format (about 23x15 inches)
  • Infinite different designs
  • Top quality. Hand Made in Italy

Pre-stained placemats are sold in packs of two

EUR 56.00
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Who has never spilt a glass of red wine right in the middle of the dinner? No more grandma’s home remedies nor aggressive stain removers. The Pre-stained Placemat for a night without stains in a pleasant, evocative atmosphere full of care for details. Placemat and drink coaster: all in one! The top-quality fabric produced in Italy with high-standard craftsmanship, organic cotton thread and an old weaving loom meets a playful design made up of fluid lines. Each stroke is created with a spatula through a liberating gesture and leaving some space to chance in order to allow infinite design possibilities.